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Video sharing Page

This is a page only for video sharing section of Vin shrimp. It will be  updated always. Welcome and Enjoy to watch...^ ^

About White Crystal Shrimps

The origin of this shrimp is from Germany,without tiger bee gene. White crystal shrimp is different from white golden shrimp or snow white because its transparent color is still with the traditional crystal shrimp totem.

About Red Crystal Shrimp

The feature of Red Crystal Shrimps can be divided into three categories, such as full red type, stripes type and chaotic pattern.
    The origin species is  from Germany. They are widely welcomed by the breeders in Europe. Due to its red color with white spots on its forehead  as an important feature, some countries called Saint shrimp. Easy to distinguish with traditional CRS.
     In a stable environment, red color of Super Crystal Red is very bright, especially gathered to eat food. It is quite noticeable with the backdrop of the soil black color.
     Their performances are completely different after carefully selected and bred themas compared to those on the market. The size of adult shrimp may grow more than 3 cm and the genetic gene is relatively stable. Its bright Red Color is very lovable.