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This is a page intorduced our partners

If you are interested in our all variety shrimps or our products related to breeding shrimps, we wholeheartedly welcome and invite you to be our distributor. Wanted aquarium dealers from different countries !

[Vin] ZooMart...23 Mar. 2017
It is a good news for breeders in Indonesia.👍
Our Products are available in the shop of ZooMart Indonesia, including Nitrifying Bacteria, Activator, Ecological Bacteria group and Blizzard Shrimp Food.😍
If interesting, please visit and purchase from ZooMart.
We are also welcome and wanted other distributors from different countries. 

Introduction of our Products:

[Vin]arrival ...18 Apr. 2017
Good News...
Our products are arrived at Erik Lucas's shop in USA
If interesting, please visit the to order 

[Vin]Coming soon...19 Apr. 2017
Our Storm products and Blizzard Food will soon land 
on the EU including Belgium, Netherlands and Germany!
Thanks for the cooperation between Michel Botden and Steven Opbrouck.