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Welcome to the official website of Vin Shrimp ! We provide the all variety shrimps with different grades and performances for you to purchase, including PRL, PBL, Wine Red Kingkong, black King Kong, Blue Blot, Red Pinto, Black Pinto, Red Taiwan Tiger type Pinto, Black Taiwan Tiger type Pinto, Red/Black Fancy Tiger, Red Galaxy, Red Fishbone, Red Galaxy Fishbone, Black Galaxy, Black Fishbone, Black Galaxy Fishbone, Black Stars Galaxy Fishbone and Golden eyes species... and so on. To satisfy your requirements for different varieties of crystal shrimps is our expectation. In addition, foreign wholesales or aquariums are also welcome to discuss long-term cooperation!

We also sells products related to breeding Ornamental shrimp with different capacity, such as the Storm series products and Blizzard food. Our Storm products include Nitrifying Bacteria, Activator, GH Regulator, Ecological bacteria group. All are introduced in details on our website. 

Your visiting and purchase is our supreme pleasure! Hope you may enjoy in selecting our shrimps and products.

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