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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

✿ Any questions about the products, please use the following ways to contact the Webmaster

   1. The top right of the page,  push  "contact the owner" bottom (mail to vinfish77@gmail.com) to communicate with me. 

   2.LINE APP (Line ID: vin_fish)  for  more directly  communicate each other.

   3. Wechat APP (ID: Vin_fish) for  more directly  communicate each other.

   4.Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Vinfish777)  Messenger is  also  provided  for  you.

   5.Phone: 886-977327958

✿ Delivery: EZCAT Delivery / post office  delivery   or EMS/  "Mini-three-links"

✿All products  will    be received after shripping about 2-5 days, please be patient

✿ due to different shrimp species, different characteristics, the performance, juvenile shrimp or adult shrimps, please carefully read the detailed descriptions related to product in our store in order to avoid unnecessary distress between our transaction

✿ Each order should pay the  shipping cost, please join cart before checkout.

※ After your payment is complete, Check your  mailbox message  which  ordering retained  "Order Links", press that bottom To  write down:

* the bank transfer last 5 numbers

*the money of  remittance 

* date

* your name