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Interview and Exchange 2020-2022:

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many international activities related to Crystal Shrimp have been severely affected, and all of them have been suspended. This is really frustrating. I hope everyone can get through this difficulty safely!!

[Vin]Magazine…19 Feb. 2020
At the beginning of October last year, the introduction report by Germany Magazine related to the Germany International Shrimp Contest held in Dortmund, Germany was finally published again.  I again was presented on the page of the overall champion in the bottom left. It’s a bit embarrassing^^

[Vin]Magazine...16 Jul. 2020
Nice memories with best friends, last year in Taiwan. Now printed in actually caridina Magazine^^

[Vin]採訪…18 Sep. 2021


[Vin]裁判…1 Jan. 2022
It is a great honor to be invited to serve as the judge of the Japanese Shrimp Awards 2021. The organizer also kindly mailed the Judge certification trophy to Taiwan from Japan. Thank you very much^^

[Vin]Interview…23 Jan. 2022

A short video is just presented by Germany friend …Thanks😅


[Vin]Congrats …1 Oct. 2022

It’s not easy to visit Aqua ExPO Tage again. Nice to meet many hobbyists here happily
Congrats to all winners, especially to Alexander Brunck Konjo Shrimps! Although Won 4 trophies Only…still happy^^